Northern Oddities - design collection from Finland is a joyful manifesto for Finnish eccentric lifestyle and its pure form of design. It is a story of eight curious Finnish design brands on their crusade to New York City. For all of them, this is the very first time to be seen beyond the borders of the Old Continent.

Northern Oddities is made of urban stairways in the neighborhood of wilderness, slow life shaking hands with contemporary lifestyle. It is vital song of migrating birds meeting richness of silent moments. It is folk poetry from endless snow deserts to explosively blooming hay fields. It is the melancholic feeling when bright but short summer leads inevitably to misty autumn sadness. It is inspired by confrontation of rigidity yet adaptability of northern nature. West mingling with east, from controversial expectations to equality, openness and every man's rights.

Sometimes life offers comprehensively memorable pitstops. Generously welcome to feel Northern Oddities, on the spot and under your skin at Ivana Helsinki Concept Store in NYC, 17th-28th of May 2012.