FRIENDS pillow

FRIENDS-pillows were designed on a European tour of an Costa Rican band. When KAKSITVÅ designers  were homesick, they remembered the faces of their friends, the emotions, the expressions. FRIENDS pillow makes you smile and there is something to do for the whole family with it.


Designer duo Marjo Kuusinen and Piia Keto run together the accessory brand KAKSITVÅ from Helsinki, Finland. KAKSITVÅ products include an entire lifestyle. The collection consists of clothing, jewelry, bags and accessories. In addition, KAKSITVÅ product family includes household items such as pillows, chairs, and tableware.

The inspiration to their work comes from everything that happens around them –countryside life mixed to the adventures around the world. In their spare time designers thrive in the Helsinki nightlife, rapping and searching for the after parties. 

The name of the brand consists of the word two both in Finnish and in Swedish. They came up with the name when they met a pair of Finnish-Swedish twins whose dissimilar personalities inspired them as designers.