Two weeks to the Grand Opening... Now it is time to start introducing our odd team members! First something for our four-legged friends (and their owners).

Up in the north the dogs have always had a significant role from uncompromising hunting fellows to faithful sled guides during the cold and dark winters. More often nowadays, they make a house home. Neroko was born out of a great love for dogs and a passion for sustainable Finnish design. The products are designed for the use of our best friends, without forgetting the home interior. Using fresh design and high quality materials, they are made to last. Also, what's rather odd nowadays, the products are made in Finland.

Hiding place and watch post for your dog. Fits for your home decoration as well.

Pay attention to table setting!
Do you have dog toys all around the living room? That's why Neroko makes them beautiful looking. 100% jute rope, hand made in Finland.
Nero is the founding partner of Neroko.


E V E N T !
Saturday 19th of May, 2012
12-17 pm
Northern Oddities @ Ivana Helsinki Concept Store, NYC
Make a fashion pose with your dog - best pic wins Ivana Helsinki dress and Neroko products!