Tärähtäneet Ämmät, Nutty Tarts, is a Finnish art duo that moves between the areas of contemporary art and design, doing projects that are situational and speaks out of current topics. Katriina Haikala & Vilma Metteri are ladies who want to make an impact through humor and provocative art! They want to combat sexism, discrimination and social injustice by exploring the conventions, norms and taboos of the western culture. Their goal is to make a difference with interactive events, performances, social art and product design.

See for example their latest project "Cultural Dresscode" in TV-news just recently http://areena-beta.yle.fi/ng/areena/tv/1509950. Jump to the minutes 18.11 in the broadcast unless you want to check also the situation in Greece. Unfortunately this is only in Finnish.

Ämmät, as we familiarly call them, will perform a spectacular World Premiere of the performance "What’s really odd up in north?" on Saturday 19th of May in ODD FEST party. Expect moments and images from Finland, northern lifestyle and comics of common preconceptions. 

According to my experience I must say that North is odd, but the Tarts are even more!

Sometimes life offers comprehensively memorable pitstops. Your next chance will be:
Saturday 19th of May
7–10 pm
At Ivana Helsinki Concept Store in NYC