Through the centuries, the northern carpenters have been inspired by light coloured but hard structured birch wood. It is an inborn material for us Finns to produce almost anything: from hand tools to furnishing, from bridges to churches and even to ever-lasting love declarations. Now it is time to make some soft notes between the hard covers.


Private Case got started by chance, in 1985. Ari Korolainen, an architect and industrial designer, was planning houses. He found carrying drawings and documents around a problem. To solve this problem, he designed a way to carry them with him in a practical and easy way. He made the first briefcases for himself. He chose recycled cardboard as his material. The idea worked well and he soon received a lot of positive feedback. People showed great interest in his functional briefcases. Things started happening, fast. A few months later Private Case, a company manufacturing well designed cardboard products, was founded.

Over the years the range of products has broadened considerably. In addition to briefcases, we now produce a wide range of notebooks, folders, calendars, packaging and storage units. Practicality is the basis of all our designs. Our products are stylish and are designed to meet the needs of our customers. This has ensured the success of our products. Private Case -products are appreciated worldwide. They have represented Finnish design in many exhibitions all over the world. Private Case has received commendation as GOOD, FINNISH DESIGN and PRO FINNISH DESIGN.